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We have several customers that LTL freight ship glass products.  One of customers LTL freight ships decorative glass on a regular basis.  This customer knows the importance of packaging their LTL freight appropriately, most of the time this customer will box and palletize glass shipments so that they are as protected as possible.

Just yesterday, I quoted a potential customer looking to LTL freight ship a chandelier across the country because the chandelier was being LTL freight shipped to a tradeshow I quoted our customer at a freight class of 125.  However, had she been LTL freight shipping the same chandelier to an individual or a business the chandelier would have been freight class 200.

Some types of glass are freight classed based on the value per pound of the LTL freight.  For example, glass and ceramic ware are classed based on value.  The more expensive the freight per pound the higher the freight class, this is to compensate the carrier for the added risk of LTL freight shipping a high valued piece of LTL freight.

Another commonly shipped product is aquariums.  As long as the aquarium is broken down, meaning that it is boxed in pieces, instead of being assembled they freight ship at freight class 70.

Next time you are looking to ship a glass product, make sure to ask our LTL freight quote specialist about how to best ship your LTL freight.

People often LTL freight ship paper products because they are bulky and not easily damaged. We have several customers that ship a variety of paper products; cardboard, cups, and files.  While each of these items is made of basically the same resources, they are LTL freight classed differently.

We have a customer that LTL freight ships double corrugated cardboard used to package wine from wineries nationwide.  His LTL freight shipments of cardboard are LTL freight class 125.

Another customer LTL freight shipped paper cups stacked in a sleeve and boxed to a drive in movie theatre in California.  These paper cups are LTL freight class 85.  Since paper cups are not very costly and when packaged in a box on a pallet they are not easily damaged they are assigned a very low LTL freight class.

Still another potential customer called our LTL freight quote specialist to get an LTL freight quote for a shipment of paper files.  These files are LTL freight class 55.  The files are a low freight class because they are of little monetary value, durable, and very dense.  I would warn you though, if you are shipping files that contain vulnerable information you should notify your LTL freight quote specialist to make sure LTL freight shipping is the best option for you.

When shipping paper products ask one of our LTL freight quote specialists to LTL freight class it for you so that you can be sure to LTL freight class your LTL freight properly.

One of the most commonly LTL freight shipped items is used electronics.  People ship used electronics for repair, resale or storage.  Many times when people LTL freight ship used electronics they put many different types of used electronics on a single pallet.  With new electronics this sometimes causes a problem, however with used electronics it’s no big deal!  Most used electronics are LTL freight class 92.5 which makes shipping an assorted variety of electronics much easier and less expensive for our LTL freight shippers.

Things to know when getting an LTL freight quote when shipping used electronics:

  • Know the weight and dimensions of your LTL freight shipment
  • The value of the used electronics you are LTL freight shipping

When packaging used electronics, make sure they are protected and securely fastened on a pallet. Remember that LTL freight will be moved on and off several trucks and it is important that even used electronics are properly packaged when they are being moved like this.

Just because you are shipping something used, don’t neglect to insure it! Most carriers include some insurance in the cost of transportation, but it’s worth confirming how much you are covered.  If your freight isn’t covered to the extent that you need coverage we can offer you third party insurance.

International Air Freight

In international business, international air freight shipping is very important!  International air freight could determine the success of your business; international freight needs to arrive on time and without damage.  Whether you’re new to international air freight shipping or ship international air freight regularly it’s good to remember a few things about freight shipping internationally:

  1. These items must be shipped under a business; air freight companies will not ship personal items.
  2. Freight class is not necessary
  3. Packaging is important; your freight is being air freight shipped potentially a long distance the packaging needs to be secure but not too heavy since the weight of your freight is a factor in pricing.  Your packing motto should be “pack efficiently with as little additional weight and space as possible, but not at the risk of causing damage to your shipment.”

What information will you need to get an international air freight quote?

  1. Where is you international air freight going?
    1. Door to door or airport to airport or any combination of those
    2. The airport name or the city it is located in
    3. The physical address if you are shipping directly to a business
  2. What are you shipping international air freight?
    1. What is the commodity?
    2. What is the value?
  3. How much does your international air freight shipment weigh?
  4. What are the dimensions of your international air freight shipment?
  5. What is the value of your international air freight shipment?

Please contact us if you would like to receive an  international air freight quote.

LTL freight shipping to a tradeshow requires a lot of planning. The carrier generally has a very limited window for pick up or delivery to the tradeshow location and the drop off or pick up process is long because many trucks are moving in and out of a limited space. This extra time adds to the cost of the shipment, our goal is to minimize that increase. We have LTL freight shipped to several tradeshows and are able to use our experience to make LTL freight shipping to a tradeshow run as smoothly and inexpensively as possible.

How to make LTL freight shipping even easier:

  • All LTL freight shipping to tradeshows is shipped at freight class 125.
  • Have a contact name and phone number at the tradeshow and communicate with that contact throughout the LTL freight shipping process.
  • Always give your LTL freight quote specialist any reference numbers, delivery information, and dock numbers you may have. It may seem like a lot of information but with trade show shipments the more information we have the more likely your LTL freight will arrive on time and hassle free.
  • Book your shipment in advance! Book with us at least one day before pick-up and if your freight is going across the country add an extra day of transit time, in case something happens on the road. Or you can get a guaranteed LTL freight shipment .
  • Give the carrier any required documentation for pick-up or delivery at the tradeshow. Always keep a copy of these documents for yourself.
  • Properly package your LTL freight to avoid having damaged LTL freight arrive at the tradeshow.

I know you’re probably thinking “Tradeshows seem like a lot of work, is this really worth my time and money?” Well I think so! A trade show is a great way to network with other individuals in your industry, find new business, or learn about your competitors. Next time your business is considering a going to a tradeshow, contact one of our LTL freight quote specialists and we would be happy to help you.