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We have several customers that LTL freight ship glass products.  One of customers LTL freight ships decorative glass on a regular basis.  This customer knows the importance of packaging their LTL freight appropriately, most of the time this customer will box and palletize glass shipments so that they are as protected as possible.

Just yesterday, I quoted a potential customer looking to LTL freight ship a chandelier across the country because the chandelier was being LTL freight shipped to a tradeshow I quoted our customer at a freight class of 125.  However, had she been LTL freight shipping the same chandelier to an individual or a business the chandelier would have been freight class 200.

Some types of glass are freight classed based on the value per pound of the LTL freight.  For example, glass and ceramic ware are classed based on value.  The more expensive the freight per pound the higher the freight class, this is to compensate the carrier for the added risk of LTL freight shipping a high valued piece of LTL freight.

Another commonly shipped product is aquariums.  As long as the aquarium is broken down, meaning that it is boxed in pieces, instead of being assembled they freight ship at freight class 70.

Next time you are looking to ship a glass product, make sure to ask our LTL freight quote specialist about how to best ship your LTL freight.