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People often LTL freight ship paper products because they are bulky and not easily damaged. We have several customers that ship a variety of paper products; cardboard, cups, and files.  While each of these items is made of basically the same resources, they are LTL freight classed differently.

We have a customer that LTL freight ships double corrugated cardboard used to package wine from wineries nationwide.  His LTL freight shipments of cardboard are LTL freight class 125.

Another customer LTL freight shipped paper cups stacked in a sleeve and boxed to a drive in movie theatre in California.  These paper cups are LTL freight class 85.  Since paper cups are not very costly and when packaged in a box on a pallet they are not easily damaged they are assigned a very low LTL freight class.

Still another potential customer called our LTL freight quote specialist to get an LTL freight quote for a shipment of paper files.  These files are LTL freight class 55.  The files are a low freight class because they are of little monetary value, durable, and very dense.  I would warn you though, if you are shipping files that contain vulnerable information you should notify your LTL freight quote specialist to make sure LTL freight shipping is the best option for you.

When shipping paper products ask one of our LTL freight quote specialists to LTL freight class it for you so that you can be sure to LTL freight class your LTL freight properly.

One of the more frequent items people ship is automobile engines.  When shipping an engine using an LTL carrier there are a few things to remember:

  1. The engine will be freight classed at 85, unless you are shipping an engine that is used for something very unusual. If you’re in doubt ask us when you get an LTL quote.
  2. Palletize the engine on a sturdy pallet.  Engines are heavy and need a sturdy pallet.
  3. Securely strap the engine to the pallet so that the engine cannot move around on the pallet.  LTL freight is moved from truck to truck during transit, so the engine needs to be securely attached otherwise it may be damaged in transit.
Palletized engine

Properly packaged engine

This is how an engine should be palletized when shipping using an LTL carrier.  Some LTL shippers choose to crate engines, while this is not necessary, it does provide additional protection.