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There are many types of guaranteed LTL freight shipping; some carriers will guarantee delivery of your LTL freight by close of business on the day of delivery and others will even guarantee LTL freight delivery by a specific time.

What does guaranteed LTL freight shipping really mean?

Well, the name is a little misleading, guaranteed shipping does not mean the carrier is guaranteeing delivery.  It means if the LTL freight shipment is not delivered within the agreed upon amount of time the carrier will waive all fees.   If you are shipping something that is time sensitive leave yourself plenty of transit time, especially if it’s a cross country LTL freight haul.

Here are some additional ways to insure timely arrival of your LTL freight:

  1. Book your shipment at least one day before pick up.  We can book pick-ups for the same day, but when it’s a time sensitive LTL freight shipment, its safest not to count on last a minute pick-up.
  2. Give yourself one day of wiggle room.  If the carrier quotes a 4 day transit assume it will take 5 days to deliver your LTL freight.  These transit times are generally accurate, but again if your LTL freight shipment is time sensitive its best to assume the worst.
  3. Of course, guarantee it.  A carrier will do everything in their power to avoid working for free!  And we will work to get you the lowest guaranteed LTL freight rates we can.  When you are getting an LTL freight quote from a specialist just ask about guaranteed service!

One of the more frequent items people ship is automobile engines.  When shipping an engine using an LTL carrier there are a few things to remember:

  1. The engine will be freight classed at 85, unless you are shipping an engine that is used for something very unusual. If you’re in doubt ask us when you get an LTL quote.
  2. Palletize the engine on a sturdy pallet.  Engines are heavy and need a sturdy pallet.
  3. Securely strap the engine to the pallet so that the engine cannot move around on the pallet.  LTL freight is moved from truck to truck during transit, so the engine needs to be securely attached otherwise it may be damaged in transit.
Palletized engine

Properly packaged engine

This is how an engine should be palletized when shipping using an LTL carrier.  Some LTL shippers choose to crate engines, while this is not necessary, it does provide additional protection.

LTL freight forwarders and carriers avoid this topic but it’s important to address; LTL freight is handled frequently in transport and sometimes gets damaged.   To cover against these damages most LTL freight carriers include some insurance in the cost of transport.  It is important for LTL freight shippers to be aware insurance coverage, since the included insurance often does not cover the entire value of the LTL freight.

On average, the included insurance covers about $10 per pound but this varies by carrier.  If you are shipping LTL freight that is expensive or fragile it is in your best interest to find the rate of coverage your carrier includes in the cost of transport.

Now you’re wondering, “What if my carrier doesn’t fully cover the value of my freight?”  Well, you’re in luck!  Most freight forwarders can provide you with third party insurance.  At, we are able to provide third party insurance at a low rate.  The next time you are getting a quote from one of our quote specialists just ask about an insurance quote as well.  We also have access to the amount of coverage you would receive with each carrier so that you can rest easily knowing your LTL freight is completely covered.

Remember, if your LTL freight is not fully covered you will not be reimbursed completely if it gets damaged.   If you are in doubt about the amount of LTL freight insurance coverage you need it is best to ask, shipping without the sufficient coverage is risky.

I thought it was only appropriate to recognize the significance of the freight industry as we honor our nation’s independence.  Imagine only being able to purchase goods manufactured in the city you live in and on top of that, manufactured with only the resources found in your community. Because of this industry Americans are able to get products from all over the country and even the world.  The freight industry began with small trucks bringing produce into cities and manufactured goods to rural areas.   It has blossomed into an industry that is vital to our nation’s economic well being.

As this industry has become vital to our nation’s success special interest groups and governmental agencies have been formed to protect the rights of truckers, rights shippers, and the environment.  Today trucks have to meet certain emissions and safety standards to protect the environment, the driver, and the community.

Drive safely this weekend!  Happy 4th of July!

A freight broker and a freight forwarder are basically the same thing.  Each acts as a liaison between an individual seeking shipping service and an authorized carrier.  A freight broker never actually touches the freight, instead they work to determine the needs of a shipper and match those needs with the best suited carrier.  Some freight brokers specialize in shipping specific freight or shipping within a specific region.  At, we specialize in LTL freight but are also able to ship small package and international air freight.

Here’s how a freight broker works:

When freight brokers are contacted by the shipper’s customer-

A diagram of what happens when a freight broker is contacted by the shipper's customer

The flow of information and goods when a freight broker is contacted by a shipper's customer.

Sometimes freight brokers are contacted by the shipper-

Diagram of what happens when a freight broker is contacted by the shipper

This is the flow of information and goods when a freight broker is contacted by a shipper.

This is beneficial to the shipper because brokers establish relationships with carriers to negotiate discounts, which are passed along to the shipper.  A freight broker also communicates with the carrier to ensure pick-up and delivery run smoothly.  This saves a shipper time and effort.  Freight brokers are useful for all types of shippers:

  • If you’re shipping rarely- a freight broker can offer discounts and knowledge that an inexperienced shipper may not otherwise have access to.
  • If you ship regularly- a freight broker can essentially become your shipping department, saving you time and money.