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International Air Freight

In international business, international air freight shipping is very important!  International air freight could determine the success of your business; international freight needs to arrive on time and without damage.  Whether you’re new to international air freight shipping or ship international air freight regularly it’s good to remember a few things about freight shipping internationally:

  1. These items must be shipped under a business; air freight companies will not ship personal items.
  2. Freight class is not necessary
  3. Packaging is important; your freight is being air freight shipped potentially a long distance the packaging needs to be secure but not too heavy since the weight of your freight is a factor in pricing.  Your packing motto should be “pack efficiently with as little additional weight and space as possible, but not at the risk of causing damage to your shipment.”

What information will you need to get an international air freight quote?

  1. Where is you international air freight going?
    1. Door to door or airport to airport or any combination of those
    2. The airport name or the city it is located in
    3. The physical address if you are shipping directly to a business
  2. What are you shipping international air freight?
    1. What is the commodity?
    2. What is the value?
  3. How much does your international air freight shipment weigh?
  4. What are the dimensions of your international air freight shipment?
  5. What is the value of your international air freight shipment?

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