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Guaranteed LTL Freight Shipping

There are many types of guaranteed LTL freight shipping; some carriers will guarantee delivery of your LTL freight by close of business on the day of delivery and others will even guarantee LTL freight delivery by a specific time.

What does guaranteed LTL freight shipping really mean?

Well, the name is a little misleading, guaranteed shipping does not mean the carrier is guaranteeing delivery.  It means if the LTL freight shipment is not delivered within the agreed upon amount of time the carrier will waive all fees.   If you are shipping something that is time sensitive leave yourself plenty of transit time, especially if it’s a cross country LTL freight haul.

Here are some additional ways to insure timely arrival of your LTL freight:

  1. Book your shipment at least one day before pick up.  We can book pick-ups for the same day, but when it’s a time sensitive LTL freight shipment, its safest not to count on last a minute pick-up.
  2. Give yourself one day of wiggle room.  If the carrier quotes a 4 day transit assume it will take 5 days to deliver your LTL freight.  These transit times are generally accurate, but again if your LTL freight shipment is time sensitive its best to assume the worst.
  3. Of course, guarantee it.  A carrier will do everything in their power to avoid working for free!  And we will work to get you the lowest guaranteed LTL freight rates we can.  When you are getting an LTL freight quote from a specialist just ask about guaranteed service!

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