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LTL Freight Insurance: Do I need it?

LTL freight forwarders and carriers avoid this topic but it’s important to address; LTL freight is handled frequently in transport and sometimes gets damaged.   To cover against these damages most LTL freight carriers include some insurance in the cost of transport.  It is important for LTL freight shippers to be aware insurance coverage, since the included insurance often does not cover the entire value of the LTL freight.

On average, the included insurance covers about $10 per pound but this varies by carrier.  If you are shipping LTL freight that is expensive or fragile it is in your best interest to find the rate of coverage your carrier includes in the cost of transport.

Now you’re wondering, “What if my carrier doesn’t fully cover the value of my freight?”  Well, you’re in luck!  Most freight forwarders can provide you with third party insurance.  At, we are able to provide third party insurance at a low rate.  The next time you are getting a quote from one of our quote specialists just ask about an insurance quote as well.  We also have access to the amount of coverage you would receive with each carrier so that you can rest easily knowing your LTL freight is completely covered.

Remember, if your LTL freight is not fully covered you will not be reimbursed completely if it gets damaged.   If you are in doubt about the amount of LTL freight insurance coverage you need it is best to ask, shipping without the sufficient coverage is risky.

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