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LTL Freight Shipping in Winter Weather!
The winter months are a busy time of year for many of our LTL Freight Customers!
Here are a few Things to remember when shipping LTL freight during the winter:

1. Plan ahead- Snow and ice can lead to delayed transit of your shipment. If you can’t drive your car on the road, our LTL freight carriers’ trucks can’t drive either! During the winter LTL freight shipping terminals close when the weather is bad and LTL freight shipments get stuck sitting in a warehouse until the roads clear up.

2.Can your shipment freeze?—If you are shipping anything that is at risk of damage in low temperatures you will need to insulate it or hold off on LTL freight shipping until the weather warms up. Our LTL freight carriers do not have temperature controlled trailers so expect your shipment to get as cold as the air outside. Here are some items that may be affected:

a. Chemicals- We have a customer that ships paints and other chemicals on a weekly basis, during the winter months this LTL freight shipper has to ship using temperature controlled trailers.

b. Food product

c. Equipment with small moving pieces- These moving parts can lock-up and freeze which may damage the machine.

We have a staff of LTL freight quote experts that will be able to answer any questions you might have about LTL freight shipping during the winter months. You may also want to ask the manufacturer of your LTL freight shipment to find out its freezing temperature.

For the most accurate LTL Freight quotes we just need to know 5 things:

1. Origin and destination zip codes

2. Your freight shipment’s weight (in pounds)

 a. Conversion calculator

3. Your shipment’s dimensions (in inches)

 a.Conversion calculator

4. The freight class of your shipment – This is used in the freight business to classify the density of your freight and/or risk involved in shipping your ltl freight. Since, the correct freight class is very important if you are unsure of your shipment’s class we can find it for you. All we need to know is what you are shipping!

5. Will you need and freight accessorials?

 a. Are you shipping business to business?

 b. Will you have a dock or a fork lift?

What is freight shipping?

Freight Shipping is the term used when you are looking to ship commercially from one location to another. Freight shipping is mainly seen with manufacturing businesses that have to ship out quite a bit of merchandise to their customers. Freight shipping is also associated with heavy loads of merchandise so this isn’t your average post office shipping box. The weight of the merchandise can equal to thousands of pounds in one go and sometimes can require a big truck to carry.

I am sure you have heard of freight trains. Before the invention of trucks, the freight train was the most convenient way for freight shipping because it could get your merchandise across the country faster than anything else. But as technology has advanced over the past century, freight shipping has become easier and cheaper for the better. Finding the correct freight shipping company can mean the difference between getting your merchandise shipped on time and in order and getting it shipped late with a lot of damage. If you are a business and you need to ship heavy loads of merchandise, make sure you let professionals help you with your freight shipping.