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LTL Motorcycle Shipping

LTL freight shipping a motorcycle is a low cost way to move your motorcycle; however it does require a little more effort than with a specialized motorcycle carrier. Your motorcycle will need to be crated and drained of all fluids.

Things to know about LTL freight shipping a motorcycle:

  • You must crate your motorcycle
  • You must drain your motorcycle of all the fluids
  • It’s a good idea to make sure your motorcycle is strapped down so that it will not move within the crate during transit.

We have had customers that LTL freight ship their motorcycles to bike shows or for long distance moves. Shipping a bike to a show involves a little bit of planning; shows frequently have small windows of time for our drivers to bring their trucks in and out of the area. We have a team of people who have experience doing this and with a few days of notice we can coordinate this to run as smoothly as possible.

The LTL freight class of a motorcycle is based on its density and can be LTL freight class 100 or LTL freight class 150. In order to give the most accurate LTL freight quote we will need to have the dimensions of the crate we are LTL freight shipping and the weight of your LTL freight shipment so that we can find the density and class of you LTL freight shipment. If you are shipping motorcycle please contact one of our LTL freight quote specialist and they will make sure your shipment runs as smoothly as possible.

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