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LTL Freight Shipping Chairs

Many furniture companies LTL freight ship their products around the United States.  We have several customers that LTL freight ship different types of chairs.  One of our customers LTL freight ships folding chairs on a weekly basis around the country.  These types of chairs are LTL freight class 85.  They are generally packaged in the folded position in stacks about 5 feet high on a pallet.  This shipper knows the importance of properly securing his chairs to the pallet so that they don’t get damaged.

Another customer ships wooden chairs.  His LTL freight shipments are classed based on their density.  The goal with any density based shipment is to get the most weight in the smallest possible area without risking damage.  The heavier the LTL freight shipment is per square foot the lower the LTL freight class will be. This could potentially lower your LTL freight shipping cost.  This shipper is experienced in packaging his shipments so that he gets the best rate he can each time he uses his account.

When shipping chairs consider the way you are packaging them.  A carrier will not pick up chairs that are stacked more that 5 or 6 feet tall.  They will not pick up loose chairs.  When you are palletizing your LTL freight shipments make sure to attach the chairs well to the pallet.  If the chairs can move around on the skid you risk damage and the carrier may not ship your LTL freight to begin with.

If you have any questions about packaging or LTL freight classification contact our LTL freight quote specialists and they would be more than happy to assist you.

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