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LTL Freight Shipping eBay Purchases

Many of our customers at purchase their LTL freight in online auctions, from sites like Ebay or liquidation centers.  These shipments require only a little more planning than the shipment going from one business to another.

Here are some things to think about when setting up your LTL pick up from an online auction:

  1. Make sure you know the weight and dimensions of the item you are purchasing.  Without this information our quote specialists will not be able to get you the most accurate rate.
  2. Will a pickup number be required for the driver to pick up the freight?
  3. When you are ready to schedule your pickup make sure you have the seller’s name, business name and phone number.  The driver may need to contact the pickup location to make an appointment or get directions.

If you have purchased something large online, LTL freight shipping is an excellent and inexpensive way to ship your new purchase.  Please contact us to get an LTL freight shipping quote on your LTL freight shipment our team will ensure you get an accurate LTL freight quote and your LTL freight shipment runs smoothly!

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