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LTL Freight Quotes – Made Simple

Never shipped LTL freight before? Not to worry, most of our customers are new to shipping!  That’s why our LTL freight quote specialists pride themselves in knowing as much as possible about LTL freight so that we can provide you with the best quote possible.

To get the most accurate LTL freight quote you will need to know the following information:

  1. The pickup zip code
  2. The delivery zip code
  3. The product being LTL freight shipped
  4. The weight of the LTL freight shipment
  5. The dimensions and piece count of the shipment
  6. Is there a dock or a fork lift at pickup and delivery
  7. Are the pickup and delivery locations both businesses


Here are a few questions to ask the pickup and delivery locations before you schedule your LTL freight shipment

  1. Can a 53’ trailer fit in each location?
  2. Does the LTL freight carrier need to schedule a pickup and/or delivery appoint met at either location?
  3. Are there pickup or invoice numbers LTL Freight should ask the driver to reference when he arrives to pickup your LTL freight shipment?

Please contact our LTL freight quote specialist when you are ready to get a quote for your next LTL shipment.


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